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Choosing a Career Path in Fashion, Based On Your Personality Type

The largest misconception about the fashion industry is that success is destined for those with the most creativity. While this may be true for certain career paths, it isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all description of what all careers in fashion are really like.

Most people who work in fashion have a collective interest and appreciation for creativity within the industry, but there’s also a large scope of sub-interests and strengths that lead people to success in their career choices. If this isn’t something you’ve considered before, keep reading to find out how different personality types pair well with careers choices in the fashion industry.

The Creative

Many people with an interest in fashion fit this type. Creatives love to show personality through style, whether they are trendy or play with vintage elements in their work or wardrobe. They are always a step ahead of the game and have a strong and distinguished presence.

Careers to consider: Fashion Design, Textile Design, Photography and Content Creation, Branding, Brand Marketing Strategist, Illustration

The Organization-Obsessed

The personality type that keeps the creatives — and everyone else for that matter — in check. They always have a plan, a solution, and know how to execute a project in a timely manner. Planning and organization is not a task, it’s a way of life.

Careers to consider: Fashion Merchandising, Events Coordinator, Fashion Show Production, Marketing, Sales

The Analytical Mind

The math lovers and the logical individuals. Analytical minds love fashion, but they also consider themselves left-brain thinkers. There’s not a college

class they didn’t pass as keeping up with grades and classes comes easy, and yes, even math.

Careers to consider: Retail Buyer, Production, Inventory Planner, Garment Technologist, Law/Licensing, Accounting

The People-Person

Best described as the social butterflies of the group. The people-person types are the go-getters who aren’t afraid to put their names out there and make new connections. They love face-to-face conversations and also have a strong social-media and online influence.

Careers to consider: Fashion Public Relations, Personal Stylist, Management, Event Planner/Host, Human Resources, Instructor, Fashion Writer/Journalist

It goes without saying that many people are a mix of different personality types, and this only serves as a general guideline. A great way to explore your options is through experience, trial and networking! Don’t miss an opportunity to explore different areas in the fashion industry in the world’s fashion capitals during our upcoming trips.